Effective Communication and Principled Negotiation


Tools, Techniques and Teachings that develop the ability to get on with others, and help them cooperate with you.




Interactive learning in a safe and friendly environment with, presentation, handouts, and voluntary participation.



Guide participants on a journey of discovery through new and familiar territory, heightening self awareness and giving practical skills and advice on communication and negotiation that can have immediate personal and professional benefis, laying the foundations for future development.



Communication and Negotiatiing are facts of life. We use these skills at home and at work. Your job may require you to use them with internal or external parties in a variety of contexts. For example, partnerships, service provision, buying and selling. It is not always to communicate and negotiate well however and many people fall into two camps - some give in too easily and therefore make concessions readily to avoid conflict, whereas others see a situation as a contest of wills and often end up arguing over positions rather than interests, diggin in and making no headway. To become aneffective communicator and principled negotiator requires well developed interpersonal skills, the desire to build effective relationships, a self-awareness about the impact you have on others, and an awareness of the impact that others have on you. Those difficult conversations, heightened emotions, unresolved issues, and ignored feelings can have a quantifiable negative impact. This course will hone your existing and newly acquired skills, increasing your proficiency as a communicator, enabler, and negotiator, improving quality of life in business and in life.



Anyone who wishes to develop their communication and negotiation skills.